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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Studying: Tips and Tricks


I hope you are all having an awesome week and I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Today I wanted to talk to you about studying.

Some people find studying boring, sometime people find studying fun. Unfortunately,  I am one of those people who finds studying boring.

I have my yearly exams coming up and although they are not too much of a biggie, I still want to do well in them (obviously).
In order for me to study I need it to be fun.

So here are some life hacks and apps to get you through studying.

1. Exam Timetable
This one is pretty obvious, but print off your exam timetable so you know when your exams are,also if you have a diary/planner, then write down your exams on the day when you have them so you won't forget.

2. Prioritize
Let's say that you have an English exam a week away and a maths exam two weeks away, you should start revising for the English exam first as you have less time. Saying this, you should also mix up your revision.

3. Be Comfortable
When you are studying, you want to be comfortable as you are more likely to keep going, but, don't be too comfortable, like lying down on a bed, as you might go to sleep!

4. Story Time!
Turn the information you need to remember into a story as this will help you remember it. The crazier the better! 

5. Quizlet
Many of you may of heard of this app as it it very popular. Quizlet is an app and website where you can make your own flashcards, quizzes and games. You can also see other people's quizlets aswell. I love this app/website as there is a variety of ways you can study using it :)

6. Take Breaks
Although it is important to study, it is also important to take breaks, whether for you that is, watch a youtube video or go on social media or eat! The ideal mix is 30 minutes of studying with 15 minute breaks. It is scientifically proven that your brain pays more attention if you take breaks.

7. Play Music
While you study play some music. Play some music with a beat to it as you will be inspired to study! Spotify also have some study playlists.

8. Types of learners
Find out what type of leaner you are so you can find ways to study. I am a visual learner so I like to see the things I study or colour code them. Here is a link to a website where you can find out what type of learner you are, I like this quiz as once it tells you what type of learner you are, it gives you tips aswell!

I hope you got some ideas from this post. Comment below what type of learner you are and if you have any exams coming up ;) If you have any other tips or apps, then comment below also!

Much love,
Liv xxx


  1. Hey!

    Good luck for your upcoming exams!
    I found that when I made quirky little rhymes, I remembered things a lot easier and enjoyed studying more.
    Also, particularly with maths, listening to music really helped to motivate me!

    I think you're ready to hve fun studying... you have some great advice!

    All the best

    1. Sorry for the late reply. That is a great idea making up rhymes I used to do that when I was younger :) .

      From Liv x

  2. Great tips! I love using fun stationery to keep motivated. Keep up the wonderful work with your blog!
    xx Brittany

    1. Hey Brittany!
      Sorry for the late reply! I'm glad you liked the tips :). I love cute stationery too (I;m addicted)! I just checked out your blog an I love it, I am really crafty too!
      Much love,
      Liv x

  3. Some great tips!