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Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Resolutions!


I hope you all had an awesome New Year's Eve and New Year!
Today I want to talk to you about New Years resolutions!

Just some New Years resolution facts for you:
  • About only 8% of people successfully complete their New Years Resolutions
  • Losing weight is the most common New Years Resolution made
  • Only choose one resolution if you want a high chance of succeeding
This year I'm only going to have one resolution and that is to get outside more often. In this day and age, people spend less time outside and more time inside. Although our phones, laptops ect. don't help as this can be the cause of us staying inside, I've found an app which can help you get healthier/fitter.
*Just a disclaimer, this is not sponsored*

Argus - iOs + android - Free

There are many different fitness apps available, but Argus combines all of them together. When you open the Argus app, you have a dashboard with hexagons. These hexagons can be personalized to what you want. These are like mini apps in themselves. There is a pedometer (step counter); sleep tracker and smart alarm; water tracker; calorie counting; healthy food inspiration; workouts and much more!

I use this app and it is really good and would definitely recommend it! 

Comment below what your New Years resolution is and any apps or tricks you may recommend.

Much Love,
Liv xxx


  1. Hey Live,

    Although I haven't set myself a 'new years resolution' (mostly because I fall under the 92% who don't finish them) I have set myself a theme for the year. However, it is always a goal of mine to improve my fitness. I think i'll be downloading this app.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Steph, it's Liv! I totally relate to you and I always fail my new years resolutions! As I will be keeping you updated on my progress of attempting to keep to it, so should you!
      I've just checked out your blog and it's amazing! I love your layout :) Do you love photography aswell?
      Love Liv x

    2. Hey! So sorry for getting back to you so late. I meant Liv in my previous comment, the 'e' just slipped in there! Sorry.

      I would like to experiment in photography but haven't yet. Currently, I appreciate it more than I pursue it.