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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I'm sorry this post is so late , but I had gone to my dad's on boxing day, and haven't come back until yesterday when I could photograph some of my stuff at my mum's.

Anyway, this post is going to be about what I got for Christmas! I will link everything so you can find it yourself if I can get the link :)

*Just a disclaimer, I am really grateful for all the presents I got and I am not in any way trying to brag about what I got. I just love reading and watching "What I got for Christmas" so I thought I would do one myself.* 

My main present from my mum and dad was an iPhone SE!! I got it in 64 GB in rose gold!! I am in love!

From my mum I also got a nova leathers handbag and I love it (I'm going to say this a lot!). It's a lovely grey colour and has lots of sections inside! Along with that I also got the Zoella "Key to Inspiration" key ring in rose gold which matches my bag perfectly! I couldn't find the link for my bag, but have found the link for the key ring.

From the Zoella range I also got the Lazy Days gift set and journal which I love! I'm actually wearing the socks now!

I got quite a few Jack Wills things, first of all I got a Jack Wills jumper which is a lovely light burgundy colour and is so comfortable!


I also got the Jack Wills Lip Balm Trio! There is Vanilla, Rose and Berry. My favorite is the Rose one i absolutely love it! they are all really moisturizing and are in the Jack Wills colours; blue, pink and white.

Also from Jack Wills, I got a makeup brush set which comes in a really cute pouch kind of thing (I'm rubbish at explaining)! The brushes are so so so so soft and when I did the pull test on them to see if any hairs would come out, none did!


Again from Jack Wills, I got the Lip Crayon Set. There are four beautiful colours and they are so smooth! I use the nude colour all the time as it is gorgeous as are the other colours.

From my dad's fiance, I got a personalized cushion which I am obsessed with!!! Sorry but I couldn't find the link for this one though.

I also got a Love Juicy set from her as well and they all smell amazing, other than the nail polish obviously!

On the subject of bath and beauty, I got quite a few bath products and they smell gorgeous.
Small Bath Fizzers in Coloured Packets - Couldn't find link

One of the things I got from my Nan and Grandad was the Happy Jackson 2017 Diary! I really wanted this so I was really happy when I received it! Before each month it has a really cute quote which I love and I love the layout inside!

From my mum I also got the Cashmere perfume from Next. I love this scent so much it's my perfect balance between sweet and not sweet! The bottle is also rose gold and i love rose gold everything!
Next Cashmere Perfume -

From my Nan, I got jewelry, but my favourite is a ring she got me. There is only 90 of them in the world! It is sterling silver with a mystic pink topaz gem in a heart shape. I wear it all the time! Unfortunately I couldn't find the link for this sorry :(

I got a few other things, but they were my faves! I know that I get a lot and I am really grateful! I hope you enjoyed. Comment below what you got for Christmas!

Much love,
Liv xxx

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