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Sunday, 25 December 2016

A new addition to the family!!!

Hi guys,

By the time I post this, it'll be Christmas Day!! I wish I could post this today (Christmas Eve) but then I would ruin the surprise for my best friend who is my mum's boyfriend's daughter and her sister. (I's confusing!)

I'll start from the beginning.
This morning, my mum woke me and George (my brother) up and said that we had to get up as we had to go somewhere. She wouldn't tell us where we were going, but when we had dragged ourselves downstairs, she said we were going to Wales to go and pick up Simon's (my mum's long-term boyfriend) Christmas present.
At first me and George thought that we were going to pick up a bike as Simon loves cycling, but Mum said that wasn't it.

So anyway, we all got in the car (including Simon), still not knowing what we were doing. After about an hour and a half of boring driving, my brother peered into the boot of the car and saw a dog cage!
As you might know if you have read my "First Post" or "About Me" I already have a dog, George has a dog and Simon has a dog!
We asked Mum if we were going to get a dog and she nodded!
Simon has wanted a dachshund for a while and we were finally getting one!

We carried on driving, but me and George had perked up a bit!

We were going to meet the man who was selling the miniature dachshund puppies outside a service station at eleven o'clock, but we were already there by ten, so we went and got a Costa.
I ordered a Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, but they didn't have any of the right syrup so I just had to have a normal hot chocolate with marshmallows in it :( !!

Once we had finished our drinks, the man had turned up so we met him outside!!!
In his arms was two adorable dachshund puppies as another family were picking their puppy up as well.
It was the first time me and George had seen our puppy, but Mum and Simon had seen her already as they had gone to pick her out at the beginning of the month and had already named her Holly!

On the way back, Mum had Holly wrapped up in a blanket as she was really cold and after a while she fell asleep!!

Once we got home, we let her have a little run a round in the small garden then we took her inside to have a cuddle. After cuddles all round, we let her run around the kitchen for a bit. Obviously she was scared as she had just been taken to a place she didn't know away from her mum and brothers and sisters. She whined at first if we left her side, but other than that she is settling in really well :) !!!

I will keep you updated on her progress and just leave you with these cute pictures and videos of her! Do you have any pets? Comment down below if you do!

Much love,

Liv xxx

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